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Product range of 100% natural cosmetics with many beneficial properties for nutrition and skin care

Some species of microalgae (mainly Spirulina) are already used by reputable international brands, which include them in their formulations of cosmetic and body care products. However, the inexhaustible potential of microalgae in the cosmetic industry, derived from the wide range of active compounds provided by tens of thousands of species of microalgae, has not been exploited — until now:

MareVitae® is the world's first range of cosmetic products able to leverage the potential of microalgae in nutrition and skin care. It represents a completely innovative concept in the cosmetic industry. Additionally, it harmonizes a very solid scientific-technical base with a commitment to the integration of sustainability in high-end cosmetic products. After more than five years of research and collaboration with expert companies and specialists in extraction and cosmetic formulation areas, AlgaEnergy has developed its own extract registered under the name Plankton7®. This extract combines the main active compounds of seven very different microalgae species, each one contributing its unique added value.

This innovative range offers cosmetic solutions exclusively based on microalgae, which provide numerous functional benefits, demonstrated in vitro and in vivo. Products marketed through the MareVitae® brand are innovative, natural, sustainable and, above all, highly effective. They also provide new textures, new sensations and, ultimately, new experiences. The MareVitae® brand includes products such as ultra-moisturizing day creams with SPF (for different skin types), nourishing night creams, eye contours, or serum and facial masks, among others.

AlgaEnergy only works with recognized companies and leaders throughout the value chain to ensure the highest quality standards, the absence of contamination in microalgae cultivation, maximum effectiveness of its solutions, and a guaranteed commitment to environmental sustainability.

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