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Biomass from different strains of high-quality microalgae for use in aquaculture industry

Fish larvae food is made up of multi-cellular microorganisms — rotifers, artemias or copepods — which in turn need a natural and balanced diet of microalgae; this is the only way to obtain healthy fish cultures that do not have altered properties with respect to wild fish. Microalgae are therefore essential to the aquaculture sector.

AlgaEnergy conducts research with different universities and with the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO), which has produced cultivation protocols for various strains of microalgae certified with a seal attesting to PREMIUM quality. This is an assurance of outstanding properties for food of larvae for the nutritional improvement of fish feed or for use in "green waters" technique.

As a result of research carried out over the last three decades by its scientific partners, AlgaEnergy provides, under its trademark AlgaePiscis®, highly-sanitized biomass from different strains of microalgae with unique nutritional profiles and extraordinary resuspension capacity.

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