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High quality agricultural biostimulants based on an optimized combination of different microalgae

AgriAlgae® is AlgaEnergy´s trademark under which we market our range of agricultural microalgae biostimulants in Spain and some other markets. Every biostimulant of the range is made with an optimized combination of different strains of microalgae in a specific proportion, each one providing essential elements for physiological plant development. The immense biodiversity offered by microalgae allows us to choose one or another strain depending on the product we want to elaborate.

Our biostimulants have a high content of L-amino acids (complete aminogram, they are all in the ideal proportion and in functional L-form), peptides, phytohormones, vitamins, minerals, pigments, polyunsaturated fatty acids and polysaccharides, among other compounds of great interest. This biochemical richness makes our biostimulants the perfect complement for any application and crop variety. Our range of biostimulants is 100% natural and produces 'Zero Residue'. Unlike common occurrences on the market, in the case of our microalgae-based biostimulants, the raw material with which the products are made is not a by-product of any other industry, they are specially produced and used entirely for the biostimulant. Moreover, their process allows a totally stable and homogeneous quality.

AlgaEnergy has a multidisciplinary team of world leaders in the agricultural sector, in addition to collaborations with renowned multinational companies in the sector and highly ambitious research programs, assets that guarantee to maintain long-term international leadership in the field of microalgae applied to agriculture.

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Do you know that...

microalgae are the origin of all plant life and, thanks to their great biodiversity, they have all the tools that plant organisms need to develop all their vital functions?