The entire AlgaEnergy team wishes to convey its affection and sincere thanks to all those people who are working, under very harsh conditions, to face the crisis caused by COVID-19.

Our recognition is especially meant for health professionals, who even give their lives to take care of ours, and in addition our gratitude goes to all the people who are part of the agri-food chain, for the effort they are making to guarantee uninterrupted food supply to the population. Together let’s all make their efforts merit the results they deserve.


Take care and protect yourself.



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Before the European Commission, AlgaEnergy promoted the project CO2ALGAEFIX whose objective is the biofixation in microalgal culture of the existing CO2 in the combustion gases of industrial origin and the transformation of this harmful gas in products of interest for man and the market in general.

The Consortium formed to develop this project is led by AlgaEnergy and completed by Iberdrola, the Andalusian Energy Agency, Exeleria and Madrid Network, as well as the Universities of Seville and Almeria. This initiative is part of the projects’ portfolio approved and co-financed by the European Commission within LIFE+ 2011 Program.

The development of this program which, as a result of subsidies only has EUR 3 million (or which only counts with EUR 3 million from subsidies), involves the construction and exploitationof a microalgae cultivation plant located on the land of the Combined Cycle Power Plant that Iberdrola owns in Arcos de la Frontera (Cadiz), the largest in Spain and the second largest in Europe, with 1600 MW of installed power.

Co-funded by:

Entities with which we collaborate in this R&D project:

Junta de Andalucía
Iberdrola Ingenieria y Construcción
Universidad de Almeria
Madrid Network
Universidad de Sevilla

Other projects

Bio based industries
Cien Progreso
Bio-based Industries Consortium
Cenit Vida