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R&I projects

AlgaEnergy, starting from the basic research and from its own know-how as well as from the acquired one, has the mission of promoting new lines of basic research and, at the same time, applying and improving at industrial level, the performances of that already developed at laboratory level (applied research).

For that purpose, AlgaEnergy uses in its experiments its own Technological Platform for Experimentation with Microalgae (TPEM) located at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport, plant that is currently considered as the most powerful and flexible private R&I tool for microalgae biotechnology at international level.

R&I’s project portfolio ranges from genetic engineering applied to the modification of certain microalgae’s metabolism to the development and implementation of new and more efficient systems for cultivation and processing of microalgal biomass.

AlgaEnergy leads and participates in international R&I projects with a total investment of more than EUR 80 million. It works -always as the only microalgae company in the consortium- with more than 150 consortiums (universities, research centers and companies), all firmly committed to progress and sustainable development.

Some R&I projects that AlgaEnergy leads or participates in:

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