The entire AlgaEnergy team wishes to convey its affection and sincere thanks to all those people who are working, under very harsh conditions, to face the crisis caused by COVID-19.

Our recognition is especially meant for health professionals, who even give their lives to take care of ours, and in addition our gratitude goes to all the people who are part of the agri-food chain, for the effort they are making to guarantee uninterrupted food supply to the population. Together let’s all make their efforts merit the results they deserve.


Take care and protect yourself.



Discover the package of measures that we have put in place to fight against COVID-19   



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AlgaEnergy is a world leader in microalgae biotechnology. It has accumulated 5 decades of knowledge in this field of science, and has exclusively dedicated its first 8 years of operation to applied research, an activity that it continues to reinforce with a network of international innovation comprised of more than 150 entities between universities, research centers and companies with whom collaborative research contract was signed. The company leads and participates in numerous research projects, and has published and protected developments, as well as patented inventions, throughout the entire value chain. Its scientific team has garnered more than 300 scientific publications related to microalgae and sectors of interest to AlgaEnergy.

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