The entire AlgaEnergy team wishes to convey its affection and sincere thanks to all those people who are working, under very harsh conditions, to face the crisis caused by COVID-19.

Our recognition is especially meant for health professionals, who even give their lives to take care of ours, and in addition our gratitude goes to all the people who are part of the agri-food chain, for the effort they are making to guarantee uninterrupted food supply to the population. Together let’s all make their efforts merit the results they deserve.


Take care and protect yourself.



Discover the package of measures that we have put in place to fight against COVID-19   



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Augusto Rodríguez-Villa

Doctor in Biology, Professor and member of the Royal Academy of Sciences (Seville). He is one of the few internationally recognized researchers in the field of microalgae -with more than 4 decades dedicated to their study. He has several patents for biological processes. He was Vice-President of CSIC and Director of the Institute of Vegetal Biochemistry and Photosynthesis (IBVF). Decorated by the Government of Spain on two occasions.


Do you know that...

Professor Miguel García Guerrero published his first article about microalgae in 1971? He is one of the few researchers recognized as world authorities in the biotechnology of microalgae.